Your favorite bike becomes an e-bike

25-75 km
25 km/h
5 min, tools incl.
~ 2.8 kg
up to 20%

How Vekkit works

Vekkit includes only 3 parts - a wheel with a motor, bag with a battery and wireless cadence sensor. The cadence sensor detects pedalling and "tells" a motor to assist. Mobile apps allow to set preferences like max speed or power, check battery health and view your ride statistics.

Installation takes around 5 minutes on most bikes, all tools needed for installation are included.


We designed Vekkit for you to transform any bike into an e-bike as easily as possible

We created a very light fast-recharging kit for commuting and city rides (even if your city is hilly)
We developed kits with high capacity and even more power for your big adventures
There are special kits for folding bikes and bikes with small wheels
We have kits with 20", 26", 28" (700c) wheels and possibility for you to build a custom wheel yourself with our raw kit

How to order

Only 3 simple steps to transform your favorite bike into an e-bike

Choose the bike you want to convert
You should only know your bike's wheel size (where can I find it?)
Configure your e-bike kit
Configure and order your kit in our constructor. You can purchase a ready to use kit with a well-built wheel including a tire and a tube or a kit with the motor only. Contact us if you can't choose which one will be suitable for your bicycle
Install your kit on the bike
Receive the kit and transform your bike. You don’t need special tools for most bikes - just change the front wheel, attach the wireless sensor and hang the handlebar bag.

Kit configurator

Est. delivery April, 2020

Choose options to view the total price (starts from €550)

Est. delivery April, 2020. Why?

Technical details

We develop Vekkit with modern stacks - FOC, ChibiOS, BLE 5.1, OpenThread and others

36 V 250 W front motor Black or silver
252 Wh or 360 Wh Li-ion battery Est range 20-50 or 40-75 km
Motor controller FOC, sensorless
Charger 3A Li-ion charger, 2.5 hours for a full charge
Assist speed up to 25 km/h

Check out how we develop Vekkit

We rode bikes a lot and finally know how to make e-bikes
Ebikes will help in trips
We decided to create Vekkit electric bike kit
Vekkit converts normal bikes to e-bikes
Vekkit kit will help in trips
Vekkit kit will assist in commuting
Wireless ebike kit
Vekkit development process
Vekkit team
Vekkit v 1.0 | What's new
How electric bike cadence sensor looked before
First test of cadence sensor which will start a brushless motor
Very small wireless sensor
Vekkit v 0.2 | What's new
New clean design for Vekkit website
Vekkit v 0.3 | Updates
New e-bike bags for our kits
Bicycle illustration from our friend
First tests of Vekkit ebike bag
More stories comming soon...
What are included in a kit?
It depends on what you will choose in a kit configurator. The full kit contains:
  • a front wheel with a motor, tire and tube
  • a bag with a battery
  • a wireless cadence sensor installed on a crank
  • a charger
How does Vekkit work?
A wireless cadence sensor detects when you start rotating pedals and send a signal to a motor controller which "tells" a motor to rotate. If you don't rotate pedals motor will not help you to ride.
Where are the e-bike kits built?
Bags, sensors, batteries and other parts except a motor are made in Poland. Motors for Vekkit kits are made by AKM.
Why does delivery take so long?
We make each kit in our workshop in Poland only after receiving an order because our configurator has a lot of options. Our kits are something like customized bicycles that's why it can take up to 4 months to get a kit (depending on the order quantity).
Co-founder, CEO
Co-founder, CTO
Co-founder, CDO
Co-founder, CMO