30th, Nov we decided to stop selling and accepting new orders. The corona crisis "broke" the whole project, we've spent more than a year trying to resolve all supply problems. We had to close our workshop for 3 weeks due the whole team got the corona, when we developed new sensors with new chips we got a message from li-ion cell suppliers that new cells will be available only a few months later when we finally found new motor hubs UPS lost the shipment with all hubs etc. This year we redesigned the architecture of our kits three times to reduce production delays, but it didn't help. Service and repairs are of course still being processed and all down payments will be returned to our customers. If you don't want to wait for your kit, please, send an e-mail to hey@vekkit.com with the subject "Cancel order ...". We don't want just "to throw away" our project because we spent 3 years developing our kits (days, nights, weekends) that's why if someone is ready to buy the project we'll be happy to sell it with 1-year support (the price starts from 300K EUR). If you know someone who is interested please tell him/her/them about us. We don't like words like "the first wireless", "the lightest" etc. but our kits are silent, smart, very light, allowed on planes (with a small battery), and made in the EU.