How the GPS anti-theft module works?

The GPS module tracks every movement of the bicycle with the kit and sends the location data using the installed SIM-card. This way at any moment you can check where your bicycle is - using a smartphone or a browser in any other device. This will help in case someone attempts to steal your bike and also will allow to record your rides without connecting the kit to your smartphone.

Here are the main features of the module:

  • Tracking and sending to the server the geo-position of the bicycle. The module has an installed SIM-card which transmits data even if you are a thousand kilometres away from your bike
  • Recording rides and statistics when the kit is not connected to a smartphone
  • Built-in battery which allows the module to work up to 2 months without the main battery in the kit
  • The module can be installed in every Vekkit


  • EUR 195 - when purchasing together with a kit or if you already ordered a Vekkit before 1.07.2021
  • EUR 245 - when purchasing separately
  • The price includes a 1-year subscription of module usage. After that, the service subscription will be 2.5 EUR/month