How to install Vekkit e-bike kit?

How to install electric bicycle kit on a city bike

What you will need:

  • Your favourite bicycle. It can even be a vintage bike - just check that the front fork has the 100mm (+- 3mm) width. Otherwise you can not install the motor.
  • Vekkit e-bike kit.

Step 1: Replace the Front Wheel

  • Remove the old front wheel.
  • Put your new wheel with the motor into your bike's fork.

To make the installation easier, remove all nuts and washers from the motor wheel, insert the wheel into the fork and then put the nuts and washers back. The motor's wire should be on the left side of the bike when you are sitting on it.

Replace front wheel
Install a front wheel with a motor

Step 2: The Battery Bag

Install the bag mount on your handlebar and hang the bag onto it. To do this, use the screwdriver included in the kit. Connect the cable from the bag to the motor's cable. This is the only wire there is. For ease of connection, there are arrows on the wire connectors that need to be matched. You can attach the wire to the bicycle's fork with the Voile straps that come with the kit so the cable doesn't get in the way while you're riding.

Install klickfix mount on a handlebar

Step 3: The Cadence Sensor

Hang the cadence sensor on the inside of the left crank so it doesn't touch your leg during rides. The cadence sensor hangs on an elastic band.

Install e-bike cadence sensor

Step 4: Check Your Bike

That's it! Charge your battery, install the mobile app and ride! Before your first ride, make sure that the motor does not touch the fork when the wheel is rotating.