How to choose the motor?

Choosing the motor for your e-bike kit is very easy: you only have to know the bicycle’s brake type and the bike’s fork width.

Here are the brake types (Images from Wikipedia and Cyclesolutions):

Bicycle brake types

If the brake pads touch the rim, these are rim brakes (on the left). If there is a disc attached to the hub, that is a disc brake (in the middle). And if there is a covered construction attached to the hub, that is a roller brake (on the right).

And here is how you can measure the fork’s width:

how to measure the fork’s width

You need to know the inner distance between the fork’s dropouts. Here on the photo of our Dahon bike we see that the internal width is about 75 mm.

The tolerance of measurement is ±3mm.

The standard fork width of most bikes is 100mm. But for some foldable bikes it is 74 mm. These are the two options we have.

This option can be selected in the "Select motor" part of the configurator.