How to connect Vekkit to the mobile app?

The Vekkit mobile apps allow you to check battery levels (the kit’s as well as the pedal sensor’s and remote control’s), apply settings like power and max speed, record your e-bike rides to view statistics and ride routes on the map and more.

Before starting please check your 4-digit pin code: you can find it under the kit’s battery.

The apps are available for iOS and Android.

To connect your kit to the app, install the application and launch it. As an example we will use our Android Vekkit application.

Vekkit e-bike kit connection to mobile app

You will be asked to allow location tracking and to enable Bluetooth - that is needed to record your rides and to establish connection to your Vekkit via Bluetooth.

Then you will see the Connection screen. Make sure that your Vekkit is charged and is near you - the kit’s name will appear in the list. Tap the kit’s name and enter your pin-code. The app will connect to your Vekkit and you will see the Map screen with power controls on the right and main stats at the bottom.

Congratulations! You are connected.