How to install the disc brake?

Vekkit motor hubs are compatible with standard six-bolt disc rotors. The rotor is mounted onto the hub.

First, unscrew the disc brake bolts from the motor hub.


With some motors a rotor spacer is included - it can be placed between the hub and the rotor if needed, depending on the brake caliper position.


Carefully tighten the rotor bolts. Make sure not to apply too much power so that the hub is not damaged.


Before installing the wheel into the fork, loosen the caliper’s adjustments bolts. This way the caliper can be moved sideways to match the rotor’s position.

The disc brake caliper can be adjusted by moving sideways

Insert the wheel into the fork's dropouts carefully.


Slightly rotate the wheel to check if spokes touch the the caliper’s body. If it does touch the spokes, you can add one or two spacers on the axle between the dropout and the hub or use the axle adapter as a big spacer:


After you make sure that the wheel rotates freely and the rotor fits well between the caliper's brake pads, tighten the axle nuts at both sides.


Finally, fine-tune the caliper's body so that the pads don't touch the rotor and tighten the adjustment bolts.


That's it! Rotate the wheel again to be sure that everything is secure and rotates as it should.