How to install Vekkit on the bike?

Congratulations! You are about to install your Vekkit and go on your very first ride! Don’t worry – the process is really simple and quick. Let’s start.

What you will need:

  • Your bicycle;
  • The Vekkit package (it includes all the tools needed).

Step 1. Turn your bike upside-down and take off the front wheel.

Turn the bicycle upside-down for installation

Find a nice clean flat spot where you can move around the bike easily. Turn the bike upside-down, untighten the front wheel’s axle (and the brakes if needed) and remove the front wheel.

Step 2. Insert the Vekkit wheel into your bike’s fork.

If you ordered the wheel without a tyre, first mount your tyre and tube onto the wheel. Don’t inflate it yet.

If your bike has disc brakes, please see the additional instruction for disc brakes.

Take your Vekkit wheel, remove all nuts and spacers from the axle and insert the wheel into your bike fork’s dropouts.


The wheel’s power cable should be on the opposite side from the chain. The cable should be looking opposite from the handlebar or towards the rear wheel (depending on the motor type).

If the wheel’s axle doesn’t fit into the fork’s dropouts, use the included file to narrow down the flat parts of the axle a bit. The wheel’s axle should be inserted all the way into the fork’s dropouts.

Slightly rotate the wheel with your hand and check if the wheel’s hub doesn’t touch the fork at any point. If the hub does touch the fork, place a spacer onto the axle between the fork and the hub body.

File down the axle if needed. Place a spacer if the hub touches the fork.

When everything rotates freely, place the axle adapters on the outer parts of the axle so that they fill the open parts of the dropouts and tighten the axle nuts nicely.

Install axle adapters and tighten the nuts

Finally, fine-tune the brakes (according to the appropriate manual) and inflate the wheel to the pressure written on the tyre.

Step 3. Place the pedal sensor on your bike’s crank arm.

Place the sensor on the inside of the crank arm which is opposite to the chain.

Place the pedal sensor

Use the rubber band that ensures the tightest fit.

Step 4. Place the Klick-Fix mount on your handlebars or seat post or hang the Pannier bag (depends on the type of mount you chose in the constructor).

Install the Klick-Fix

Please see the additional Klick-Fix manual or the manual for the Pannier bag.

Place the cable holders on the fork’s arms and the frame’s tubes so that the cable is fixed in a neat and comfortable position.

Step 5. Place the remote control on the handlebars.

Place the remote control on any side of your handlebars where you can easily reach the button with your finger.

Step 6. Plug in the power cord, insert the main battery and turn on the kit.

The power cord’s connectors have arrows that should be matched for the right fit. Insert the connector all the way.

Plug in the power connector according to the arrows

Before turning on the kit we recommend to give all batteries a full charge.

Take out the soft protection from under the kit battery and insert the battery.

Press and hold the kit’s power button or the remote control’s button to turn on your Vekkit.

Step 7. Go ride!

Make sure that everything runs smoothly and enjoy your ride!

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