How to see my ride statistics?

You can see your Vekkit ride statistics on the Rides screen of the app.

Rides and Ride Details screens of the Vekkit e-bike mobile app

On the Rides screen (left of the image) you can see your weekly statistics and the list of all your recorded rides.

The weekly statistics contain:

  • Distance in Kilometres
  • Average speed in Kilometres per hour
  • Duration in minutes
  • Climbs (elevation gain) in meters (or kilometres if there is a letter ‘k’)
  • Number of rides
  • Saved CO2 in kilograms - the estimated weight of CO2 gas that you would produce if you had travelled those routes by car.

Please note that ride duration can be not equal to distance divided by speed. Duration is the time that passed between the start and the end of recording the ride and includes the time you were not moving (for example, while waiting at traffic lights).

To open details of any ride in the list just tap on it.

You will see the Ride Details screen which shows the selected route on a zoomable map together with some stats:

  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Time (Duration)
  • Elevation gain (climbs)
  • Motor power in Watts (average)

The two graphs at the bottom are for altitude (blue) and speed (red).

By pressing ‘back’ you can return to the Rides screen.

Your bike rides are recorded if you connect your kit to the app before starting the ride and don’t quit the app until the end of the ride. All rides are stored on your device only, so if you uninstall the app they will be gone.