How to update Vekkit’s software?

Updating your Vekkit is really easy. Every time you connect your Vekkit to the app, it checks for available updates.

Updating Vekkit's software on the Settings screen

If there are available updates for your kit, you will see the Update buttons on the Settings screen.

Make sure that you have a couple of minutes and a good internet connection on your device. Press one update button and you will see the loader: the process has started!

We recommend not to close or minimise the app during updating for a quicker result.

After the updating is done you will see a version number in the place of the button you pressed. It means that the update was successfully completed. You can proceed to updating another component if needed.

If you see an error message, check your internet connection, make sure your Vekkit is charged and near you. If continue seeing errors, try updating later, after restarting your kit and the app.

Please note that the Pedal Sensor can be in sleep mode. To see if there are any updates available for the sensor, just move it a little while looking at the Settings screen.