What are the live stats in the app?

Kit statistics (or live data) are the main parameters of your Vekkit at any given moment. This data can be viewed on the Map and the Stats screens of the app when the kit is connected:

Map and Stats screens of the Vekkit e-bike mobile app

On the Map screen you can see:

  • Power mode. This is the currently selected percentage of the kit motor’s power (100% being the maximum and the 0% being in standby with no power). This parameter can be changed with the [+] and [-] buttons on the screen, with your handlebar remote control or with the power button on the kit itself.
  • Current speed. This is the speed you are moving at (in km/h). When you stand with the wheels not rotating, the speed is 0.
  • Battery charge. This is the percentage of the kit’s main battery charge.
  • Ride distance. This is the travelled distance of your current ride if you are riding with the kit connected to the app. After 30 minutes of not riding, a new ride is started. Full recorded ride statistics can be viewed on the Rides screen.
  • Time. This is the time that has passed since you started your current ride. Please note that this is not just movement time, but the time between you started the ride and the last moment you stopped moving.

On the Stats (Live data) screen you can see:

  • Motor power. This is the motor’s output power in Watts at any given moment. When the kit is not applying power (i.e. when you don’t rotate pedals or the selected power mode is 0) the motor power is 0 because the motor is not doing work. Basically, this is Voltage multiplied by Current.
  • Current speed. This is the same current speed value as on the Map screen.
  • Elevation. This is the elevation above sea level of the location you are currently at. This data can be used to estimate how high uphill you have ridden.
  • Battery voltage. This is the main battery’s voltage at any given moment.
  • Motor current. This is the current being applied to the motor. As with motor power, when the kit is not pulling you, this value is 0.
  • Mosfet temperature. This is the temperature of the kit’s power applying element. You can see how it gets higher when the motor works: this is energy being distributed to the motor.
  • Pedal sensor battery. This is the percentage of the pedal sensor’s battery charge. The sensor enters sleep mode to save battery, so you can move it to wake up. We recommend you to check this value at least weekly so that your sensor doesn’t run out of charge suddenly.
  • Remote battery. This is the percentage of the handlebar remote’s battery. Don’t forget to check it also :)

With all this data you will know everything that is happening with your e-bike kit at any moment!