Vekkit vs Swytch




Controller FOC (less noise, more effective), 45A Square wave or Sine wave, 15A

Motor 250W, inrunner, 1.5kg 250W, inrunner, 2.2kg

Brake types Rim, disc or roller brakes Rim or disc brakes

Battery 5.2 Ah (allowed on planes), 7 Ah and 10 Ah 5 Ah or 7 Ah

Li-Ion elements 18650 (5.2 Ah and 7 Ah) and 21700 (10 Ah)

Samsung, Sony and Molicel

18650, no data about cells brand
Pedal Sensor wireless

based on a sensitive gyroscope sensor


based on magnets

Control wireless handlebar remote buttons on the battery pack

Dynamo lamps adapter yes no

Mobile apps Android and iOS no

Live statistics Speed, Controller Temperature,
Motor Power, Altitude, Current,
Battery Voltage and Capacity via mobile apps
Speed, Battery capacity

Locks On the battery and bag mount no

Mounts Seatpost or handlebar Handlebar

Rims Accent, Rodi, AlexRims or Brompton Double wall

Battery Bag 4 colors, made from CORDURA® fabric One color

Charger 3A, CE and FCC certified 2A

Production EU, excl. chargers and motors China

Price 575 EUR, incl. VAT for EU countries + shipping 450 EUR + taxes + shipping