What are range isochrones in the app?


Range isochrones are a marked area on the map that shows how far you can ride with the current power left in your Vekkit's battery.

For the correct range calculation you need to select your Battery type on the settings screen and make sure that Range isochrones are enabled (picture on the right).

To find out which battery you have please see your order confirmation e-mail.

When your kit is connected to the app and isochrones are enabled you will see the coloured areas on your map (picture on the left). Those represent the distance you can ride using the 3 power modes selected on the remote control:

  • 30% (1 remote indicator light) - the larger red area;
  • 70% (2 remote indicator lights) - the middle orange area;
  • 100% (3 remote indicator lights) - the smaller green area.

The range is refreshed periodically so an internet connection is required for showing correct data. Loading data may take some time.

Please note that the calculated range is approximate and may slightly vary with different road conditions.

The Range isochrones option also requires a good gps signal and may take longer times showing data if you are on a very narrow street, inside a building or underground.