What settings are applied in the app?

Settings can be applied on the Map and Settings screens of the app

The Vekkit e-bike mobile apps allow you to apply main settings to your kit, such as:

  • Power mode. This is the currently selected percentage of the kit motor’s maximum power (100% being full power and 0% being in standby mode with no power). This parameter can be changed with the [+] and [-] buttons on the Map screen of the app, with your handlebar remote control or with the power button on the kit itself.

  • Maximum speed. This is the speed, above which the motor won't assist your ride. The default value is 25 km/h which is the allowed standard in most countries. But if that feels too fast for you, try to decrease it on the Settings screen.

The option to set this parameter above 25 km/h is allowed only in some countries, such as the USA and Canada. For EU, please see the detailed information.

  • Low battery notifications. This option turns on and off app notifications for situations when the kit's batteries' (main battery, pedal sensor's or remote control's) charge is low.