Velotton sp. z o.o., guarantee good quality and proper functioning of the purchased kit if used in the manner appropriate for the purpose thereof and in accordance with the operation manual, and will provide warranty services subject to the following conditions:

1) This Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing, if such defects are revealed during the period of 12 months since the date of receiving a kit.

2) The device is considered defective if it fails to perform the functions as indicated in the operation manuals, technical specifications or any other similar documents supplied with the equipment, and the failure is due to internal device characteristics.

3) The Warranty does not cover consumables or parts of limited regular functionality due to their natural wear and tear.

4) This Warranty does not necessarily cover transport costs and risks associated with the transport of your product to and from.

5) This Warranty does not cover:

  1. If you have any warranty claims to make please contact us at hey@vekkit.com