Smart ebike kits for city, folding, mountain and road bicycles. Made in Europe

25-75 km
25 km/h
5 min, tools incl.
~ 2.8 kg
up to 12%

How Vekkit kits work

Vekkit includes only a few parts - a wheel with a motor, bag with a battery, wireless pedal sensor and wireless handlebar remote. The pedal sensor detects pedalling and "tells" a motor to assist. Mobile apps allow to set preferences like max speed or power, check battery health and view your ride statistics.

Installation takes around 10-15 minutes on most bikes, all tools needed for installation are included.

Main Features

Handlebar, head tube and seatpost mounts for the battery bag

Accent and Brompton rims with Sapim spokes, 16-29" wheels

100 mm (for regular bicycles) or 74 mm (for Brompton and some Dahon models) O.L.D. motor hubs

Very light - the kit with the 7Ah battery weights only 2.9 kg

Wireless pedal sensor with the sensitive sensor

Handlebar remote to switch the assistance mode


We designed Vekkit for you to transform any bike into an e-bike as easily as possible

We created a very light fast-recharging kit for commuting and city rides (even if your city is hilly)
Road & Travel
We developed kits with high capacity and even more power for your big adventures
Brompton & Dahon
There are special kits for folding bikes and bikes with small wheels
We make kits with 16" - 29" wheels and possibility for you to build a custom wheel yourself with our raw kit

Kit configurator

Est. dispatch date 9 April - 4 May, 2022

How to choose the motor?

How do I know my bike wheel size?

Which bag mount to choose?

Shipped separately in February, 2022

Which adapter to choose?

Choose options to view the total price.

Est. dispatch date 9 April - 4 May, 2022. Why?

Technical details

We develop Vekkit with a modern stack - FOC, ChibiOS, BLE 5.1 and others

36 V 250 W front motor Black or silver for rim, disc or roller brakes
180 Wh(5 Ah), 187 Wh (5.2 Ah, allowed on airplanes) or 360 Wh (10 Ah) Li-ion battery Est range 15-30 or 40-100 km
Motor controller FOC, sensored & sensorless for better perfomance
Charger 2.5 hours (5.2Ah batteries) or 3.5 hours (10Ah batteries) for a full charge
Assist speed up to 25 km/h on public roads, up to 30 km/h on private roads Change the speed limit in the mobile app
Wireless Handlebar Remote Switch the assistance mode
Two Locks Secure your bag and battery when you want to leave your bike alone
Seat Post and Handlebar Mounts Hang the battery bag where you want
USB Port & Dynamo Light Connector Use your dynamo lamps and charge mobile devices during rides

Mobile apps

Change motor settings and view your ride statistics with Vekkit mobile apps. Available for iOS and Android.

What are included in a kit?
It depends on what you will choose in a kit configurator. The full kit contains:
  • a front wheel with a motor, tire and tube
  • a bag with a battery
  • a wireless cadence sensor installed on a crank with a rechargeable battery
  • a wireless handlebar remote with a rechargeable battery
  • a charger
Where do you manufacture Vekkit?
Controllers, battery bags, batteries, cadence sensors and remote controls are made in Krakow, Poland. We use 3d printers to make manufacturing more eco friendly. Also kits have motors by AKM and chargers by Liitokala.
How does Vekkit work?
A wireless cadence sensor detects when you start rotating pedals and send a signal to a motor controller which "tells" a motor to rotate. If you don't rotate pedals motor will not help you to ride.
What happens if the something breaks ?
We have replacement parts for all kit elements and manufacture them without the waiting list. It means that you shouldn't wait a lot of time (like when you order a new kit) and will get a needed part within very short time.
Can I take my electric bike on a plane?
Yes, you can take Vekkit with 5.2Ah batteries (consist of) on a plane without quantity limits and without approval from an airline. More info here -
Why does delivery take so long?
We make each kit in our workshop in Poland only after receiving an order because our configurator has a lot of options. Our kits are something like customized bicycles that's why it can take up to a month to produce a kit (depending on the order quantity).
How to switch motor assist levels on Vekkit?
You can change assist levels using a handlebar remote control (3 levels) or mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Does Vekkit show ride stats?
Sure, you can view speed, distance, battery voltage, how far can you go on a current charge and other stats in mobile apps.
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