E-bike kit for Brompton and Dahon

Convert your folding bike into a smart e-bike and save time on your commute

Save time and money on your daily commute

Vekkit converts your folding bicycle into a smart e-bike. It means that no more barriers like sweat, wind, hills during your daily commute, and no more wasting time in traffic jams or waiting for public transport. You can go where you want and when you want. Not sure that e-bike could save your time and money? Check out our interactive transport map

Main Features

Handlebar, head tube and seatpost mounts for the battery bag

Brompton rims and Sapim spokes

74mm or 100mm O.L.D. motor hub

Very light - 2.9kg with the 7Ah battery

Wireless pedal sensor with the sensitive sensor

Handlebar remote to switch the assistance mode

Kit configurator

Est. dispatch date 26th October, 2020

Choose options to view the total price (starts from €550)

Est. dispatch date 26th October, 2020. Why?

Technical details

We develop Vekkit with a modern stack - FOC, ChibiOS, BLE 5.1 and others

36 V 250 W front motor Black or silver for rim, disc or roller brakes
187 Wh (allowed on airplanes), 252 Wh or 360 Wh Li-ion battery Est range 15-30, 25-50 or 40-80 km
Motor controller FOC, sensored & sensorless for better perfomance
Charger 3A Li-ion charger, 2.5 hours (7Ah batteries) or 3.5 hours (10Ah batteries) for a full charge
Assist speed up to 25 km/h on public roads, up to 30 km/h on private roads Change the speed limit in the mobile app
Wireless Handlebar Remote Switch the assistance mode
Two Locks Secure your bag and battery when you want to leave your bike alone
Seat Post and Handlebar Mounts Hang the battery bag where you want
USB Port & Dynamo Light Connector Use your dynamo lamps and charge mobile devices during rides