Bicycle routes: Around the Czorsztyn Lake

May 13, 2020
230 km
4500 m

An absolutely amazing route around the Czorsztyn lake. Being a circle route, it can be started at any point.

Google Maps still don't know that some of the bike paths exist. But they are there, trust me!

For everyone going there from Krakow, it is most convenient to stop somewhere on the west side of the lake. Here are a few free parking lots. There are also lots of parking lots on the east side of the lake but they are paid and usually full with cars of those who come to see the castle and the dam.

This time we stopped at the parking lot near the Frydman village.

We recommend to take the route clockwise: this way all the views will be on your right side, which makes it easy to take photos on the go.

During the whole ride you will find places to stop and rest - MORs. Some of those are located in places with great views. Below you can see photos from these stops with locations marked on the map.

If you are not sure if you will be able to climb hills on your bike or if you are taking the route with children, it is a good idea first to try the northern part of the route: from the Cicha Woda pier to the Czorsztyn castle.

From the Czorsztyn castle to the Niedzica castle you can take a ferry. It is the easiest and quickest way to get to the south of the lake. The ticket for a passenger with a bike costs 10 zlotys.

But the most beautiful things and the sheep are waiting for us ahead. Usually, every hill you climb rewards you with a fantastic view, and this is our case. But you should be prepared to be challenged by a few steep and quite long climbs. Here you either have easy gears or a motor on your bike, or choose to walk the steep part (everyone can do that).

Having climbed this hill, you will find yourself in Czorsztyn. There is also an easier way - to take the automobile road to the left and approach Sromowce Wyżne.

But you would surely choose to go straight - there you will pass the Pieniny Park Museum and Bacówka, the wooden house where the famous Tatran smoked sheep cheese is made.

Here you can buy some cheese and have a picnic.

From here you can turn to the automobile road or take the country road ahead. The second option is harder to cycle but the views are worth it!

At some point you will eventually have to take the automobile road. Usually there are very few cars, but be aware: it is very tempting to look at the beautiful scenery while you need to be focused on the road.

After Sromowce Wyżne the road goes uphill all the way to the Niedzica castle. The grade is not big, though.

Near the Niedzica castle you can stop for dinner. Here are food spots and the Turbinka Cafe with a great view on the dam and the tastiest pierogi

After a good rest just continue cycling along the lake. The path begins at the pier. If you had taken the ferry as described before, this is the place you arrive at.

The bike path on the south of the lake is beautiful and fun: it constantly turns to the forest and then back to the lake. For this bicycle route dozens of bridges were built!

The next challenging hill begins at the Falsztyn village. As soon as you see the red color of the path - get ready!

But, as mentioned before, after the steep climb you will see a stunning view of the Penins, the lake and the castle.

If you get too tired or it is getting late, you should turn to the automobile road here. After a couple of kilometers uphill you will coast down a long and very picturesque downhill almost all the way to the parking lot.

But if you feel strong and have the time, turn right towards the lake. Here is probably the best view over the lake.

Then go down to Camping Frydman and from there take the bike lane over the dam. It is so convenient and also presents a great view.

At the end of the dam you will find the parking lot.

We hope you have enough time and energy to follow the whole route and experience the whole 38 kilometers of this place's beauty!

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230 km
4500 m