How we build Vekkit

v 1.17: Sleep mode & new motors

May 5, 2021
230 km
4500 m

In the past months we have been working on improving our e-bike kits. We ourselves cycle with Vekkit every day which helps us see what we can impove or what options to add. This snowy winter inspired us to advance the motor's algorithm and to start developing the walking assistance (for cases when you walk with your bike in snow, sand, uphill or anywhere else and the motor pulls the bike to help you). In the latest version we reduced the power consumption of our pedal sensor and remote control, added a sleep mode to the kit and introduced the sensorless mode (for situations when the pedal sensor is out of battery or forgotten at home: the motor works with limited power without the pedal sensor). Most upgrades will be available to our users via the software update, but some will only be featured in the kits sent out after May 20th. If you want your kit with those upgrades, just email us at .

We get a lot of questions why the prices grow and if they will grow again. The prices will increase in the middle of May and the main reason for that is the worldwide rising of costs of components. For example, the price of the STM32 microchip has doubled in the last few months; bicycle rims now cost 10-30% more than earlier; and also shipping costs are also increasing. We continue selling Vekkits only on our own website so that the prices would stay the lowest possible and affordable to more people. (If we start working with resellers the prices will increase by 50% at least.) We also remind you of the 5% discount for purchases made via bank transfer IBAN (in this case we don't pay the payment services comissions and make an equal discount to you).


  • The new sleep mode allows to store the kit with the battery inserted so that it doesn't discharge. This mode's development took more time than we planned but finally now you won't have to take the battery out of the kit when not in use. Available in all kits shipped after May 20th.
  • Improved algorithm of processing the motor's current speed so that this data in your mobile app is shown more accurately and with minimum delays.
  • Improved pedal sensor. This sensor's working time from one charge has increased by 20% while the size remains the same. We get questions why our sensor doesn't work as long as the ones that are used in bicycle computers. The reason is sensitivity: to make the kit start and stop the motor smoothly and with minimum delays our sensor processes the giroscope data every 50ms. This way when you rotate the pedal, the motor responds in under 1/10th of a second. This is why riding with Vekkit feels so "natural" (this expression belongs to our users who shared their impressions). The new sensors will be shipped with all kits after May 20th.
  • New bodies for pedal sensors and remotes made of tough nylon.
  • Increased motor torque (+5Nm) while keeping the motors' size and weight the same. Wheels with the new motors will be available with kits shipped after May 20th.


  • Sensorless mode ("no pedal sensor"). Allows to use the kit in situations when the pedal sensor is not available (out of battery, forgotten or broken). This mode uses the 40% motor power mode but nevertheless allows you to cycle easily. At the moment this mode is available to a limited number of users but will be featured in every Vekkit after May 20-25 via a firmware update.
  • Handlebar remote's sleep mode. This mode increases the working time from one charge by up to 80% (depending on usage). At the moment this mode is available to a limited number of users but will be featured in every Vekkit after May 20-25 via a firmware update.
  • Improved algorithm of the motor's sensorless mode activation. To make the motor work effectively and silently we use the FOC algorithm in our controllers. But it is widely known that FOC may not work perfectly with low RPMs (at bicycle speeds 0-10 km/h). This is why we developed the hybrid mode: the motor starts in the sensored mode and then switches to the sensorless FOC mode. This helps to make the start smoother and to use the battery power more effectively.


  • Integrated Graphopper API based on OSM to provide better bicycle routes for navigation.

Mobile Apps

  • Android:
    • enhanced route building and preview options
    • new navigation screen
    • start/finish address
    • choice of period to view ride statictics.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at You can order our eBike kits at

Photo by the Vekkit user from Barcelona

230 km
4500 m